Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life this year

Ok lets see Been long time since last post almost 2 years...

See if I can bring it up to speed.........
Still have the house
Still working on the remodel, Slowly
Now have 2 roommates, Anyone know of someone looking for a room still have one spot open
Sold the trailer.
Sold the Red CJ Found a 4runner got it home found that it was a pre runner meaning it was 2 wheel drive and I wanted a 4X4 DOH. Sold the Pre runner found a 97 TJ Jeep for same price now am set on wheels.
The business is slow we are down to 2 employees and I am back doing a lot of work. That is good and bad. Good for the exercise, Bad for the Work.
Still single and looking but when you don't get out much because of saving money makes changing that tuffer than in needs to be. Maybe the Jeep will help with that this summer.

Well there is an update will try and make this a weekly thing so that I keep in practice of typing some thoughts out there.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life takes many roads.... I will travel them soon. But not in my truck... As the down turn in business hit me I have had to sell some things and sad to say one is my beloved truck. I will miss the fun and the adventure of traveling in comfort and style but as I know from the past I can get a new one and create new memories....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life and well, life i guess

Do you ever have one of those days that you cant stop thinking about someone and it seems like you should just pick up the phone but know you would not be happy with just talking.

I miss a friend alot and she knows it but we both agree that its for the best but still a tuff day.

Trying to keep busy doin house stuff, Y a the fun stuff like cleaning and painting and working on cabnets.. Weeee sooo much fun.

Well she knows I care and that I do miss her. Guess I will have to leave it at that.



Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok so now its Jan. 30 Wee Happy Birthday to me. Lets work on the house.

Time to Make the Room seem like a fun space and comfy.

Since the doors went in I primes the room primed the doors and the trim and Painted the room ( Thanks mark and Rob ) a nice neutral yellow(Thanks Rob). So what am I to do next.

Lets make it look like there is a beam up there....

Yup just a blank space.. Like whats between my ears at times.. JK.

Next step Gotta make it so I can mount a beam up there. and Yes I did drop one of these on my head while instaling it and it did hurt so i do have something up there yet.

At this point I also did the electrical so i could instal fans and a new light . and NO I did not set it up for a mirror ball and Brass pole.

Ok so next step was down to the workshop to build the beam .. Three sections out of Birch plywood and set up for lights and sturdy enuff for fans.

Ok its now 9pm and what should I do ... Lets tain them so they can be coated in the morning and instaled !!! I know me gots to keep movin..

Ok jump to Sat afternoon and I just gotta instal them NOW

After gettin alot of help from Eric and Rob I completed the instal and Eric got the fans up and the Light working. Even if he broke one and made me go get a new one.. That Vinnie Two Trips thing again.. Glad Home Depot is close. This is what the room looks like now that its done ..

Not to bad for a guy who lays floors all day..

Long time ago in a gal.... Sorry Ok Been awhile.

Ok started work on bonus room. This is what I started with.. There are 4 doors that go to Attic storage space. They were just sheetrock and 2X4s.

Now I took my time and Made them look better this is before pant and such.

Now that was Done I got side tracked on working job and life.
See next post

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life on Vacation

Ok So made it somewhere WARM if only for a week it did help a ton.

Yes Sun And Sand WEEEE...

I also got the chance to Paddle Outriggers with a local club. Always fun to get out and work up a sweat in the sun while you know your friends are still stuck in the rain and snow. (Sorry all)

On the trip back made a stop in Marin county to see the old stomping grounds and saw what had changed. Wow lots more people there but was still able to find old Apt. and the restaurants that I had worked at. Even if they were not still there.

Stopped at the Great train museum of California in Sacramento I hope its there for a long time will have to see if arnold finds the funds to keep it going.

Ok so the Pictures are kind of dark but that engine has wheels that are 63 inches tall and yes the tender says it carrys 22,000 gallons. that alone is Big.

Well am back and the house list is getting bigger and I will update that part of my life soon. I promise.




Ok So its been too long since I did any kind of post.

So here goes. Well week before Christmas the weather men called for a slight chance of snow.

Ok So they were kind of off a bit for that day.

then the next week they said a chance of a few flurrys and small acumulation....

This is Monday the 22 when I was on the way to work and yes the temp was 18 deg in Portland Oregon. Yes I said Oregon.

Funny how the weather men can be wrong 90% of the time and still have a job. how does that work.??

I then left town on the 26th for warmer climate not soon enuff as it was raining hard when i was on way out.

Well some of the snow had melted but not near enuff.

The drive was uneventful as the roads were wet not iceed over. The summit was bad but thats the only spot.

Well will continue in a bit gots to get stuff done at house.